Organizational Stalking History - Part 1 - Part 3

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if you can not believe this you are lack of 7the habits, Logical Thinking, Theory, Time Management and so on than me and due to your environment that you are grown up.

Introduction :

I've been attacked by my ex-colleague Tadashi Toyama@Linkedin(Japan) who has wheelchair with the 3rd forces use telepathy device well known as Medusa includes V2K Technology, Electronic warfare, BCI technology/synthetic telepathy(or RNMCM), DEW technology, USW technology and so on over Radio Frequency wave(RF) and Microwave pulse beam. 
It's been killed my brain activities, my life, my sleep, my relax time(TV, bathroom), my think(talk, write, type and so on), my life plan, my activities includes driving, job re-search, own job to make money and so on.

It happened after I joined ex-company and the criminal is colleague who has wheel chair of when I had an interview that he was jumped into it. After I joined the office he started to change my job description day by day by controlling my boss who was his boss, too. He had been tried to put me lower position than what I got the job description, my experience and knowledge. And, it's lower than 20 years back knowledge. My boss just follow his idea due to limited Japanese understanding and made him controlling me even he is not boss for me. And, He does NOT have enough knowledge and experience in IT includes people(mind and so on), methodology, tools, process, solution, management and so on. He was mostly in charge of Host computing and the vendor management area before. Also He was lack of mind as manager especially in resource management and as colleague to work together. So, It's been getting messed the work environment up day by day by Tadashi Toyama@Linkedin(Japan)(Information Technology, ex-Insurance company, wheel chair, bankrupted Japanese company org). And, ATOS(known as ATOS ORIGIN) IT outsourcing service is so mess they have no enough knowledge and experience in IT includes people(skill, mind and so on), methodology, tools, process, solution and so on. Before I join there seems be politics to make Japanese a fall. He might be scared about it or cooporated it to work on. He has [Greed], [Envvy] and [Hate] like Grievous and wanted to conquest his boss to be boss of his boss.

Anyway, I decided to start finding a job right after I joined soon to avoid lose my skills and become low value. But Somehow, They found out that I'm looking for a job so soon. At that time, There were suspicious matter in my room somebody got in my room many times. It's been happened too many suspicious matter again and again to lose my money, time, things and so on. and, I've been got power harassment from him right after two weeks since I joined the office and It's been continued in the office for more than four years. it was very tough to find a job looks somebody has disturbed my job findings like. and, They have been done TEMPEST and got in my room many times to stalk. They tried to fire me because I started to find a job and looks they could know my thoughts about my job condition. I was almost slave for him who worked for financial combine and they made the company crash after Bubbles in Japan.

Power harassment Case study:

  • Behavior distortion (Even it's politely and positively talk to ATOS and him, He understand that It's negative thinking) 
  • Behavior forgery(Even I did not say about it, he talked to me You said) 
  • Sophistry 
  • Abuse
  • Threatening words(More than tough talk) 
  • Requirement of submitting Overtime payment 
  • Force me more work even he knows I work over time until last train 
  • Micro management
      What is power harassment is here to click

It happened 
too many strange things but I did my best to bring efficiency and effectiveness in the office even it's not my speciality. And, I had been improved them based on my experience, knowledge and gain new knowledge by myself day by day.

I sometimes asked/requested ATOS to improve support and the setting of the tools to work smoothly and easily for when we had a problem. Because, Their call flow is messed up and they won’t identify when, what, where is the problem at that time and at least. So, I suggested and requested to implement the solution with drawing. But They had been rejected to implement my solution with too many questions. But the other system used the tools like my solution actually it's function and aim of the tools which means they could not been utilized the tools to provide even sufficient support from any view points. After that, They had hatred what I said it and about me. it's very strange behave and they are very peaky,  childish and not business man I thought. So, I carefully, politely and clearly explain them with documents to bring all of us happy. But, It happened it's started to behave disturbing my promotion(by V2K scenario "mind game"), intruding my house, stealing something such business card case and so on, stalking me to make me schizophrenia for breaking my BRAIN by antipsychotic drug, be unemployment. Actually, It's started these behavior by Tadashi Toyama and ATOS 
IT service delivery team well known as Atos Origin right after I joined. 

They work together with the employees who was under bankrupted Japanese company of after Japanese economy "bubble" crashed and They have been having [complaint], [greed], [envvy] and [hate] to the new office and work with the 3rd forces includes the Religious body, Detective(who has license same mind as Yakuza) and actual Gang(PMCS) such getting in my room, car, TEMPST, V2K technology, DEW technology, USW technology and so on. I was into a trap to been schizophrenia by their scenario and for now. According to the colleague's talk, It happened there was suicide and mental disorder before I joined. And, I decided to quit the office due to the antipsychotic drug that was brought that I can not think to work, can not control my body cycle and so on and it's not possible to stop taking the medicine immediately and withdrawal rapidly not like cold medicine. Also, I did not want my new boss in trouble. So, I decided to quit the job. New boss was very upright man and well organized person. 

After I quit, I had to back to my home town to recover my brain and body where the town far from his head office about 2000 km but they’ve been made a basement at neighbourhood place to attack me and asked neighbourhood to cooperate to do stalking(mobbing and gaslighting). They've been made me schizophrenia by RF, microwave such LF, HF includes V2K technology, DEW technology, USW technology 
and even after I slow withdrawal of antipsychotic drug. But, Even I did NOT attack them, even I knew they are the criminals to make me a fall several times such schizophrenia and car accident by V2K Scenario.

They have been planned and seems be asked the 3rd forces to KILL ME anywhere and anytime to do mobbing, noise campaign, street theatre, anchoring, gaslighting, blighting, collision campaign as [trigger] according to their [SCENARIO] includes sending black helicopter in the sky with no identification number. and I heard sounds like followed me when I drive on my way home right after it happened. It was like movie they played to show someone about me like schizophrenia. I can laugh it now. Because I could analyzed this logically. But They have been killed my brain activities, my time, my money, my income, my job, my own job, my function, my things, my life, my life plan, my something favourite such my parents cat and so on. They surely are INSANE, MURDER and KILLER.

Preliminary Knowledge:

What is Telepathy Device includes V2K technology, DEW technology and USW technology are in below:

  • V2K technology: 
    • It stands for Voice to sKull. V2K can control you and the elements around you who has brain, by ultra sounds over microwave pulse beam from Telepathy Device well know as MEDUSA. Also, It's possible to beam your head over microwave pulse beam from the Telepathy Device to make you hear their Voice which is hearable only you or in beam area. 
    • See more detail about V2K Technology.
  • BCI technology:
    • It stands for brain computer interface, It's possible to send you artificial neuro feedback(EEG) and bio feedback(electronic signals) to control you over microwave from Radar. These are held by MENU, SCENARIO, PROGRAMMING and COMMAND. These are not only affected Human, Animals, insects and so on. 
  • DEW technology: 
    • It stands for Direct Energy Weapon. It can hurt and cut your body inside and kill you remotely over microwave from Telepathy Device well known as MEDUSA.
  • USW technology: 
    • It stand for Ultra Sonic Wave. It can make you sick and so on by frequencies and depends on the parts of body. you will lose your control if you get. It could be different device such LRAD and so on.
  • Electronic warfare
    • It's possible to control the c'lock frequencies of MPU/CPU, Bass transmission speed, settings, disk speed, memory access, GDI and so on. These are affected to PC, smartphone, digital camera, car, Home electronics and so on. even it's pressure of engine room, GPS and electronic power frequencies and so on.These are held with ELINT afterword and on. ELINT seems be includes TEMPEST as gathering your usage of the electronic devices and to be used for timing control for other command.


2006/8/X Strange PPI request:

  • was asked by other colleague to write PPI down on memo not formal document. I asked other colleague about this. but nobody was asked like me.
2006/8/X Different Job description
  • The job description was different from what I heard from Toyama who was jumped into the interview and It became lower position. So, It was not required my skills. So, I started to find a job.
2006/8/X Childish meeting with ATOS :
  • had meeting with ATOS several times, I felt their service level is very useless and lower quality than what I have ever seen before. They have no enough skills in IT service, IT and the reporting. Also, Tadashi Toyama who controlled ATOS mainly has just vender management knowledge like host computing not focus on IT strategy, IT security, IT architect, IT service and so on.
2006/8/X Intruder:
  • Somebody got in my room many times right after I joined the company. it was more than 20 times at least even I quit the office, It has been intruded my room car, and house for now (Jul 2014) and put hidden camera to mob.
2006/8/X Power harassment:
  • Tadashi Toyama behave was turned and has started to do power harassment against me.
2006/8/X My mind has turned
  • Was disappointed about ATOS, Tadashi Toyama and my treatment. But I did not talk in the office. But The thoughts and re-job search plan was escalated to my boss by Tadashi Toyama and ATOS how come. One day, When I was about to my office I saw My boss asked me "Are you looking for a job?" suddenly. I was surprised.
2006/8/X Strange car was appeared
  • The car "Bigger one box car" parked around my home and has many labels and has RF antenna. So, I called police to remove it.
2007/5/X Strange Hollow on my car:

  • Bought Lexus has a hollow within two days without scratch

2007/6/X Inside scratch in my car:

  • Got scratch even nobody use my side seat within a month and did not use the seat.

2008/X Impossible to access Internet that I really need to use than anyone in IT:

  • Investigated with NTT and it was connected to other MDF port
  • Somebody got in the management room of apartment and the house keeper was kept open the door even there is MDF and so on.
2009/8  Suspicious Traffic Accident by BCI technology, EW technology, V2K technology according to scenario and mob me in the office read below link

Phase 1 : KILL and No Money plan (Making me schizophrenia or death by accident)

2009/9/15 Strange passenger:

  • Strange man was appeared in front of me right after I left my apartment to take my car. But I thought I should take a train because I have no time to drive and he was suspicious to me. So, I went to the road to take a taxi. At that time, The guy was appeared in front of me soon again and he was whisper laughing. I ignored him to pass and was hide behind the electronic pole to check. He surely was watching me also he was hide from me.
2009/9/15 later Intruder and trap:

  • My PC was moved, something was installed, some shortcut was created on my desktop and the cover was open by somebody that I could know by the beep from my PC when I turned on.

2009/9/15 later Intruder

  • My shoes was moved by somebody that I could know is I took picture of my shoes before I went to office, My bed was bendwarp when to back which is not as usual, My books in the bookshelf was moves also.
2009/9/15 later Intruder via Wi-Fi
  • Turned on automatically even I turned off Wi-FI on firmware level and it was in used.
2009/9/22 later Intruder by ATOS Kentaro Hayashi
  • suspicious matter has been continued so I recorded sounds by my recorder in PCM mode and hide it somewhere before I went for shopping. After I backed to my home about 2 hour, There were suspicious sound such somebody was writing something on several plastic bags that was made of I cleaned my room. It could be a special pen for a black light. Also the plastic bags were moved strangely. After the day, My colleague was talking Kentaro Hayashi(Kentaro.Hayashi.714) of ATOS ORIGIN was arranged them and complain these was moved by me again.
  • Was removed paper on TV by somebody after I backed to my home. Bad mouth lady colleague was talking with colleague Kentaro Hayashi of ATOS ORIGIN removed the paper from TV. Also, Kentaro Hayashi has gone without notice to his colleague during business hour.
2009/9/22 around My colleague was appeared with black-lacquered on his face
  • My colleague Tadashi Toyama@Linkedin(Japan) who has been done power harassment on me was appeared nearby with black-lacquered on his face and laughing it was around 22:00. He surely is insane has been made colleagues a fall like me.
  • He utilized his disadvantage in this case that he is disabled. Everybody will think it must be difficult to move somewhere. But He can move anywhere he is very active and has nice Mercedes-Benz  .
2009/9/22 around My colleague Mobbed in the night physically or V2K
  • My colleague Tadashi Toyama@Linkedin(Japan) was talking out side of my apartment that he got an approval to get in my room from his known chief officer not in IT. 
2009/9/22 Collision campaign by ATOS ORIGIN employee
  • ATOS origin started to do collision campaign anywhere even I moved somewhere by my car fast they appeared many times to do mobbing. The one of them Kentaro Hayashi@ ATOS Datacenter service was appeared  weekday around 22:00. It's far from his home about 40 km at least. The other group walked and followed me very fast. So, I said "Don't follow me!" They said "if we won't follow, we will be bankrupted by someone".
2009/9/22 Conquest me by strange mind and fear
  • made my mind and felt something scattered on internet. Sometimes somebody was trying to take a photo of me by movie mode like. Is it by chance? I don't think so.
2009/9/30 Strange move noise
  • some people marchparaded on the radder when I slept in the early morning.
2009/10/01 Mobbing man was appeared
  • Young guy was passed by me and talking with his cellphone like "I'm happy I can live...." I saw him twice within two weeks. But I have never seen him before.
2009/10/01 Sleep disturbance
  • has been heard strange small sounds includes patrol car, electronic noise and so on.
2009/10/X Murder came?
  • When I slept around 2:00 AM. I heard sounds somebody was trying to open my room door by a key. and, I heard "If we did not kill him, we will be killed by him". Once I woke up, They started to run away from my apartment. The voice was ATOS ORIGIN Kentaro Hayashi and one more person.
2009/10/X Strange HR
  • Even I had enough paid holiday more than 30 days, HR forced me to get evidence from Doctor to take a rest and HR promised to check Tadashi Toyama's activity. I could not even think about that I should use paid holiday and Why I have more than 30 days is that it's caused of Tadashi Toyama assigned me too many tasks not to be able to take a rest and the tasks that nobody wanted to handle since before I joined.
2009/10/X Strange doctor and was on Gang stalking scenario
  • Went to hospital and there was suspicious person was standing up near reception. He asked officer and operation staff to copy my subscription right after I submitted. It was very strange atomosphere.
  • Was deceived by Doctor told me the medicine is like normal medicine like stomach ache. He just told me that you can sleep well and you will be settle down. But I said I was settle down and sleep well actually. I have never told him I can not sleep at the first sights and later on. He just asked me what happened so I told him as the matter of fact that I got suspicious matter from colleague which I could know it makes me a fall schizophrenia.
  • Faced/Had hard fever, hard stomach ache, constipation, cognitive impairment and so on within a week. I tried to stop the medicine but I could not become not to sleep well, continuous hard fever, continuous diarrhea by withdrawal symptoms. So, I have to keep it to have more stable life. actually perfectly unstable life than before I took this medicine. So, I could not think to work and keep my body condition to work by degree cause of antipsychotic drug. After several month, I lost my body control perfectly and could not be slept, low sight, lost concentration, crack my teeth and so on cause of it. 
  • Decided to quit cause of drug deprivation 
  • Back to my home town to live.
  • But.... It was already there who is ATOS origin IT outsourcing company with the 3rd forces to been made a basement. 

Phase 2 : KILL MY LIFE PLAN  AGAIN (has been made me schizophrenia plan)

  • Found paper PC box of DELL in shed of neighbourhood that I could see them when to work with Tadashi Toyama@Linkedin(japan) at the office and the neighbourhoods is not IT engineer that means won't buy DELL. Also, The neighbourhood built small shed in front of the shed.
  • My father decided to purchase Digital TV suddenly even he decided he was not going to buy it so soon.
  • Strange electronic noise in the midnight when I was sleep like many small birds is chatting for now 

  • Strange neighbourhoods behaviour, talking and mobbing man was appeared for now
  • looks microwave attacked my hippocampus around 2:00 AM when I slept and woke up then a car run away in front of my house like I could hear the sounds.
  • Increased car moves for now
  • Started to do drug deprivation by degree
  • Started to find a job and developing Android application to make money according to my app specification which I finished to make a list and has been having many ideas for several years.
  • Started to increase strange mind when I watch TV and Movie It could be by V2K even I was not aware of them actually because SHIT!.
  • Somebody walked in my land to put hidden bug by business shoes and Got in my car and to mobb for now
  • A man has green strap on his neck and has initial M in colored in white who parked his car beside on my way direction to seems be calling. I passed him to go destination and I was followed by me even he is not familiar.
  • Was got in my car at parking and left my PC how come. Right after I parked my car, A car parked behind me even it's not close to the shop and too many vacancies in the park. One guy was followed me and stand beside me for a moment and gone suddenly. The baggage was opened a little and PC battery went to 20% even I fully charged it before I came and strange dialog box was appeared when to open my PC. the dialog box has no name of maker and software. Just "Do you wanna install?" like.
  • Two mans stalked me at the airport, Even I got on the plane at the end of line. they were waiting for me. The one of them was sitting nearby where he can see me.
  • A man has smartphone was tried to take my photo when I left gate at the airport.
  • Strange man stalked me at airport again when to back.
  • Decided to encrypt my PC cause of above mentioned.  
  • Meshed many stalkers which I took picture of them to pass police.
  • One day, Tadashi Toyama@Linkedin's boss was appeared behind my car where I was at parking of a local fish market where the tourist won't come there. He pick his cellphone to call somewhere and modded like. He moved his rental car in front of entrance of fish market and stopped for 3 mins and got out from the parking after 5 mins and went to central city of my town where he came from. It happened after 5 mins right after I got there.
  • Toyota Vangard colored in white looks rental car was appeared strange place where nobody parked there usually because the place is for drink bar and the time is before noon, It was when to back to my home. They have mouth guard and sunglasses to protect their face. But, When to through the road they hide their face. I found It looks somebody similar person and lady there. Also, Someone who works with them was appeared in hospital in 2012 october
  • ATOS IT Service Delivery Manager Jun Kosuga@Linkedin(www.facebook.com@Jay.Kosuga) was appeared at my station when to visit Kiosk by chance and his colleague was talked to him "He is encrypted his PC, It's very doubtful.". They put big sungrass like facebook, has a stubbly beard and face guard. I have never heard he is flower pollen.
  • Has been heard strange conversation around my house every day. And, When I found strange plastic transparent parts near electronic device and I put cover on plastic transparent parts, I could hear They are talking "Has he found it out?" in Japanese man around 30 years old. there is no such young person lives around my home.
  • Heard strange conversation from neighbourhood house that "Yamamoto!", "Boss!", "Let's send it to Manu-LAN"
  • Somebody knocked my house even he is no matter to contact my house when my parents was absence and loudly was talking by phone "This is the house suspended on the Internet?".
  • Somebody knocked my house strongly with neighbourhood walked around my house when my parents was absence. Even neighbourhood asked him to call cellphone but he said "he won't pick it up". <My question is Who is he?.
  • When I went to Tokyo to find a job. Right after the station, A strange man in the group was appeared in front of me and said "Similarly?" and pointed to me. The other guy was appeared went through in front of me said "if we took of his picture, we can get prize. well..." One guy was appeared to put hidden camera and mic. Next day I stayed Starbucks there was suspicious matter Barista was talking something strangely about me like. After I left I got collision campaign everywhere I was surprised about it. Even I hide to move in the bus and taxi, They followed me and can find me out and some cars mobbed me and has 666 and so on. A man in front of me was walking and he read smartphone up like mobbed "An insurance company's No.2 is working on this" like and "GANG(Yakuza) is coorporated to this". (Gaslighting) .
  • During on my way home from Tokyo, A Chinese was appeared behind my sheet where there were many vacancies in the train and kicked my sheet directly many times even he sat down not right behind me and disappear right before cabin attendant came. Next, The other man was talking "He will be killed at local station or hub station" and so on. And, Even I did not see him, He said to his colleague "He stared at me, I'm not scared of him (mama)" like child even he is around 63 years old.After that, They got off the train at Osaka and Kyoto. After that, A man around 40 years was appeared and back and forth to the auto door and talking by his mobile "He is at seat line 5 of 2nd car". Where I and a man has a kids sat the seat line. What a funny day for me! After I got to local bus station. A guy frequently appeared in front of me was appeared to take my photo like when I waiting for a taxi at home town in the night. He is fat face and onion hair around 168cm. He mobbed many times and has the car Crown number 8700 and I read it up like Kazaguruma Yashichi it could be by V2K. But I won't read it up usually.
  • The other day, I knew I don't need to call the insurance office for resigning my social insurance which I had been kept from ex-company. But My father was insisted in calling to them even I explained him logically many times it's not necessary to inform them. Anyway, I called them but some how I forgot to go out calling. I knew I've been got TEMPEST or hidden bug in my room according to the suspicious matter. But I called at my home and told them about my social insurance resignation. She told me "How come you could get a job?" like the tone is like she was so surprised to get a job. it looks something happened there like Tadashi Toyama who has been done power harassment on me again in the office and mobbed me.
  • Many cars were back and forth in front of my house how come even it's stucked only for 200m and strange conversation like "Don't be talked!" which I have ever heard the voice and said "Are you a employee of Mxxxxxxx insurance, too?".
  • Right after the day, Neighbourhood and the guy was discussing "Where we can use for the day". "You can use behind my house but not foreground". Then, The guy told her "You got money from us, didn't you?" like threat to her for providing better place to mobb.
  • Heard Tadashi Toyama's voice loudly "Similarly!!!" and strange conversation has been kept.
  • Has been kept strange talk and car parked at Neighbourhood A, B, C, D many times and human noise in the night from her parking. But She has no car and won't drive by herself.
  • Neighbourhood A made a complain to my parents about I was in front of her house with hand-lights in the night when I was absence and it's after two days of the my walk. When I checked in front of neighbourhood house around 22:00 where the person has been cooperated with them and has been heard several suspicious foot noise from there in the mid-night. So, I carefully check around them sometimes. At that time, Nobody was there around 22:00 actually. But, she complained my parents is after 2 days means is somebody asked neighbourhood A to complain for making me a fall to my parents by some evidences such photo. Logical thinking, If she is going to do so it will be next day.
  • Heard unknown lady's voice "There is Macintosh!" in the afternoon where the Neighbourhood B(Basement). and I can hear the motor sounds of water pomp runs in front of me when I take a bath. But actually the location is different from where it's put physically.
2012/9/X Too Bad Time has come, 

  • It happened to take me away to bring hospital by my parents and to force me taking antipsychotic drug to make me schizophrenia like Tadashi Toyama did before. It was when I slept and it was early morning. It's caused of provocation know as mobbing by the 3rd forces includes gang, ATOS Origin, Tadashi Toyama@Linkedin(Japan), neighbourhood, unknown Korean, mentally handicapped person and life weak person. They are pretend we are acquaintance of neighbourhood or I'm office worker with identification card.
  • They surely knew antipsychotic drug will break human brain, neuron, body and lose quality of your life. you will become wont be able to think, talk, remember during the medicine taken period and lose your body control. It's difficult to stop antipsychotic drug not like stomach medicine.if It takes for a week you can not stop the medicine immediately it will take two month or more usually three month and brain, neuron, body won't be recovered perfectly. it's reported by U.S doctor in 2009.
  • One day, My doctor said you can leave our hospital soon. Right after the day, My father had an accident by his car and he said it was strange matter for me why she was there.

  • Asked Lawyer to get out from hospital but the mental law and the judgement of public office and a hospital was not turned cause of their narrow mind, their vision and knowledge.
  • One day, I temporally backed to my home with my parents in the night and could hear "He put his sunglass on his face" but my parents was not awared of it.
  • After left Hospital, I started to do drug deprivation by degree.
  • After I finished to do drug deprivation( more than 3 month), I started to find a job. This is last season to find a job in my life and from blank period view point. They knew my constraints and condition by V2K technology, TEMPEST, hidden bug also according to their scenario.

2013 Summer that I could find this is V2K technology attack 

  • The flight ANA258(787) was attacked by microwave when I flew to Haneda on June for the interview to revive my life. [EW technology] After that, I went to destination and saw suspicious person [mobbing] and faced strange phenomenon that I could see many dust in front of my eyes in the meeting room how come. [Telepathy Device] 
  • When to back, ANA787 was again attacked by microwave. Also, I got strange hurts with my ear that I've never felt when I flew. [EW technology]
  • Felt like my back lobe was cut by something three times, parallelly and precisely like when I heard strange loud sounds like something ultrasonic plane comes and could heard strange voice around my home "Thank you, JAXA! Die, Yahoo! Yahoo is attacked by somebody like " and it's like news via RF waves. [USW/V2K/BCI SCENARIO]
  • Tadashi Toyama@Linkedin(Japan) was appeared in my night dream suddenly and I was kowtow to him. Even I was not anxious of him even he made too many power harassment and moral harassment even after I quit. [Telepathy Device] 
  • The guy who said ATOS was appeared in my dream and we made peace how come. I could not even think about it.. [Telepathy Device] 
  • Like Many cicadas has started to make a noise like "Shene! Shene! Shene!...  which English means is Die! Die! Die! Die! . almost same tone of actual noise in Japanese . [Telepathy Device] 
  • The avatar like ex-Company current CIO was appeared in the perfect white room in my night dream. But he was all black and has big yellow eyes said to me "Let's start "THE SECOND STAGE".  The tone is very similar. But it's kind of different from what I ever heard. [Telepathy Device] 
  • The other man around 60 years old contacted me remotely in the night when I slept and started to attack me by Telepathy Device, V2K technology and DEW technology to do brain wash and violence on me for 24 hours every day for now. That I could know about it later by searching it on internet. These technology is for violence, provocation and torture. It's really hurts into my lobe, heart, urethra and so on like stick into it by micro level wire. They can control anything in my body such any neuron and synapse which means they control EEG and electronic neron signals via microwave without wire. They can move my finger, eye, arms, tongue, mouth, sense, subliminal and everything that they want.. [V2K Technology] 
  • They've tortured and violence on me by V2K technology, DEW technology, EW Technology, BCI  Technology, USW Technology for 24 hours even when I sleep. And, Even I turned on my air conditioner they turned off by microwave immediately again and again. It was in summer and summer night. So, I could not sleep and my parent was doubt me I'm mental disorder even I did not tell them because of this, I can not work on finding a job even it's the last time in my life.
  • Heard into my lobe by a man around 30 years old "We'll register you on ATOS profiling system".. [Telepathy Device] 
  • After several days, They show me the flow chart like has many frogs was described when I slept in my dream.. [Telepathy Device] 
  • A week later I also brought my PC out at river side park to avoid TEMPEST. After several mins, I could hear strange voice "The man has PC near the river" where the place I was only a man! It's like I was a target for a black helicopter was appeared in the sky suddenly. They has no identification number and like watching me to turn little by little. After they has gone, I took my car to back to my home. But again the helicopter was followed me like the sounds was getting closely and very loudly and something hit my roof that I could hear.  So, I run very fast and I was about to crash at cross road. This is their purpose to kill me. It seems be [V2K Scenario] and noise into my lobe by [Telepathy device].
  • When I brought my PC outside of my house at parking. A common car has blinding light was appeared right after I got to the place and could hear strange sounds at the same time and I could not stand up well cause of it that seems be [Ultra Sonic Weapon(USW)] like SCREAM(Israel) that I could know about it later.
  • Again when to go out with my PC, I could hear the sounds of black helicopter again but it was too loud and where my place was invisible by plant from them. I imagined where I'm different place and the sound was moving to the place like I could hear. Actually, The image area was in optical lobe which means their neuro computer.[Telepathy Device]
  • I could hear the ultra sonic sounds into my lobe It was like Star Fighter drived by Darth Vader and not like helicopter and not Air force plane such F-35, They call [INTERGATE]. And, When I think other place the sounds was moving to the place like I could hear. At that time, Tadashi Toyama was appeared in the plane with Clones like Star Wars II.[Telepathy Device]
Even this condition, I started to develop Android application to make money according to my specifications of application which I finished to develop it around Jan 2014 and actually I have been having many ideas since I finished to do the first drug deprivation around 2011 more over and actually more than before. But, Their V2K technology, EW technology, DEW technology, BCI technology(synthetic telepathy or RNMCM), USW technology attack has been increased day by day to kill my brain activities such thinking to talk, type, write, memory and so on. It's perfectly killed my brain activities not to be able to think working on developing Android application and looking for a job. So, I have no way to gain money for now since I quit my previous job and they seem be expected me to die. 

This matter is actually MURDER and KILLER who is ATOS IT outsourcing company and ex-M insurance company Tadashi Toyama@Linkedin(Japan).

  • The other day, when I was absence, My neighbourhood B complained to my parents that it was I took a photo of them. But I've never taken a photo of them. It happened again almost same scenario to confuse my parents like I'm crazy and then my parents complains to me and make me schizophrenia force. [Gaslighting (Trigger and mind control) ]
  • Blood spewed from my nose when to sleep [DEW/BCI attack to cut inside my body]
  • Blood spewed from my throat when to clean my teeth. [DEW/BCI attack to cut inside my body]
  • The day after the above matter, Again it happened to force me to go hospital and with police who were hidden behind my room door to hear what I talk. But I explained them about the matter logically and slowly to make them understand. At that time, My father talked strange word which the mean is not related to the sentences. After I pointed out, He found out but he upset about it. I also happened about it. I talked different mean word. My father almost fully controlled under [V2K mind control and SCENARIO]
  • Got scratch 3 times within a month where won't touch and strange line on my car .
    • According to voice into my lobe why my car was scratched is Tadashi Toyama saw I scratched his car. I was surprised about it. I really hope to do it on his face and his life! [V2K long term scenario]
  • My family pet was killed by poison. The cat spewed transparent water from his mouth according to my mother's talk. It happened same day as I got scratch on my car during the early morning at home and I could see suspicious person in neighbourhood house in the night. Also, I could know about it two weeks later and they refused to ask about it even I was taking care of him almost every day. In fact, I knew I sometimes heard a man called his name of my family's cat. and It's not only one man it seems be two men at least to do something on my parents cat. And, Our cat was strangely moving among suspicious neighbourhood house one day it was like there is precise cycle to move back and forth. This is [V2K control under cognitive impairment].
  • Sudden make me upset and when to hit a chest of my chair by my fist. I surely felt my shoulder was delayed and my fist was turned how come. I found my fist was broken after I went to see a doctor. This is [V2K control my mind and BCI control my body to move my arms]
  • Could not access two external drives contains application specification, many knowledge documentation and evidence of this matter. Even the one of them is new one and the other one is NAS has different IP address and broadcasted arp packet with new IP address. But, I can not ping to. A proper seller Apple Store is surprised about this situation and he also confirmed that I'm victim of Electronic harassment after he saw my Mac and my talk. [Electronic warfare:Microwave attack to send microcode]
  • Smartphone(Android 4.4.2) was crashed again and again and changed my setting such alarm was not to run. [Electronic warfare:Microwave attack to send microcode]
  • Smartphone (Kitkat)  was compsed with dex code was messed up so I can not have proper interface now such watching utilization rate of data transmission. I can not have proper information of it even it's Google Maps. [Electronic warfare:Microwave attack to send microcode]
  • Smartphone has GPS did not work well cause of microwave I can not find a shop and can not use Google Maps to find where I'm. [Electronic warfare]
Even I could move to not allied country, I think they can attack me. They use, HAARP, land antenna, Satellite network and common Internet. They will put set top box with dock. It will have been attacked me.

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  • Tadashi Toyama 
    • Japanese Name: 外山 忠司
    • SNS(Linkedin):  Tadashi Toyama@Linkedin(Japan)
    • Birthday: 1959/1/20?, Age 55?, Born in Tochigi
    • Graduated: Shinshu University
    • Car: White Benz COMPRESSOR AMG, 品335む5500
    • Address: live in Setagaya ward(Shouin or Wakabayashi) 
    • Looks: like professor-X but like Octopus, baldness and Wheelchair
    • illness: Use Eli lily insulin at Showa University Hospital, Hatanodai.  
    • Hobby: HDX CART, Wheelschair Tennis
  • Jun Kosuga
  • Kentaro Hayashi
    • Japanese Name: 林 賢太郎(賢 might be different)
    • SNS(FB): Kentaro.Hayashi.714@facebook
    • Age: around 30(Man)
    • Address: Kawasaki,
    • Hobby: freestyle soccer
  • Stalker includes some ATOS employees
    • Hirayama, Teramoto, Ishii, Hirabayashi, Sugimoto, Yamamoto, Kameyama, Kaneyama, Kaneda, Kameda, Ishibashi, Nomura
  • Ludovic Jaffary@Linkedin(Japan) 
    • worked at ATOS ORIGIN around 2008. (Volvo Tokyo)
  • Gang
    • Yamaguchi-gumi and so on
  • Detectives
    • Who has license but actually same as Gang. They will kill your pet
  • The Religious body, mentally weakness person and life weakness person.
  • Neighbourhood
    • who believes "Tokyo" is cool, Major company, Major segment, Corporate ID card
    • who will assume the person put his sunglass on his face.
  • Raytheon(INSIGHT, Electronic warfare, DEW)
  • Sierra nevada corporation(V2K/MEDUSA)
  • US military/navy/airforce facilities

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